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About Sparrow Early Learning Centre Huntingdale

Sparrow Early Learning Huntingdale is a delightfully homely childcare centre on the corner of Huntingdale Rd and Flowerwood Way, catering to children and families from around the area (including Thornlie, Gosnells, Maddington and even as far as Byford). Read more.

We pride ourselves on our relationships with our families and prioritise these first and foremost, as we are all partners in every child’s learning journey.

Our Educators at the Service are diverse in many areas, including their interests and their strengths as well as their backgrounds. We have a strong team environment at the Service and bring varied and extensive knowledge to the area of Early Childhood Education, with one university trained teachers on site as well as Diploma and Certificate qualified Educators.

At Sparrow Early Learning Huntingdale, we provide children with healthy, nutritionally balanced meals throughout the day and accommodate any families with special medical or cultural requirements.

Our indoor and outdoor spaces are always changing based on the interests of the children and our changing programs. Our program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework, which is a national curriculum catering for children from birth to five years. We also link our learning and our experiences to the WA Kindergarten Curriculum, closely aligning our learning with preparing our Kindy children for school.

Service details

2 Flowerwood Way,
Huntingdale, WA 6110
Ph. 08 9490 5400
Monday to Friday
6am to 6pm

What makes our childcare service in Huntingdale unique?

  • Nutritionally balanced meals provided
  • Sunscreen provided
  • Kindergarten Program
  • Highly qualified & experienced educators
  • Regular photos & updates on your child’s activities
Nursery 6 weeks - 15 months old
Toddlers 15 months - 3 years old
Kindergarten 3 - 5 years old


Service Manager at our Childcare Centre, Huntingdale

“I believe that working alongside families brings about a continuity between home life and centre life, giving the child the opportunity to develop their learning in a range of environments. Together, we can give your child the best start in life.” Read more.

Drawing inspiration from pedagogical practices such as Reggio Emilia and theorist, Lev Vygotsky, I believe children learn best in an environment that nurtures their curiosity, exploration and when Educators are on hand to facilitate their learning. Working alongside children to create stimulating learning environments that foster the children’s interests and make learning through play visible is a vital part of our role as early years Educators. Seeing each child’s uniqueness and supporting them to develop their own personalities and creativity is a rewarding part of being an Educator.

Please feel free to come in and meet the team. We are all here to support you and your child, as well as being available for advice and help throughout your parenting journey.

My qualifications & experience:

  • Diploma of Children’s Services
  • Over 26 years of experience in early education & childcare

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The Sparrow Way.

The Sparrow Way combines proven international early learning methods to create a unique practice designed for today’s society. Guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia and underpinned by The Early Years Framework for Australia, we embrace children’s inherent abilities to learn and develop, creating an environment for them to find solutions through exploration, discovery and invention.

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Waitlist & enrolment process

Our childcare centre in Huntingdale promotes an open-door policy where families can visit and walk through the centre at any time during operational hours.

Once families have completed a tour, they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

Once enrolled, the orientation process begins. The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family’s needs.

Accessing the Childcare Subsidy

We understand that access to the Government Childcare Subsidy is an important consideration when choosing a childcare centre. Learn more about eligibility, how to access the subsidy and how Sparrow works with your family to ensure a smooth transition into early learning childcare.

Happy families at Sparrow Early Learning Centre Huntingdale

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