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The Sparrow Way.

The Sparrow Way is a contemporary, play-based learning curriculum that is taught in safe and caring environments where children’s natural abilities and creativity are nurtured.

As your child’s Educators, it’s our role to work with your family in the development of your children. While learning begins at home, every aspect of a child’s extended environment enriches their being. None more so than at their Sparrow Early Learning centre, their home away from home, where trusted relationships are fostered, enabling children’s education to flourish. Learn more.

There are five important partners in the journey of learning: Educators, children, families, environment and the community.

We are a community of learners sharing and building knowledge together. Children truly enjoy belonging to their Sparrow community. They know they are safe and secure, feeling warm and comfortable – something which is key for their emotional, social and physical development.

Here, they learn about tolerance, diversity and inclusivity, growing in confidence and self-esteem. They develop theories, negotiate learning and merge thoughts together, building their knowledge and understanding. They express themselves with their developing vocabulary and language comprehension, discovering their everyday world through their natural curiosity and creativity, encouraged by our Educators and our play-based learning curriculum.

Every step of the Sparrow Way lays the foundations for children to become successful, contributing members of their communities through school and into adulthood. We believe in each child’s inherent abilities. It is our role to encourage every child to thrive.

Our educational philosophy

Influenced by the Reggio Emilia approach

The Sparrow Way combines proven international early learning methods to create a unique and purposefully contemporary practice designed for today’s society. Guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia and underpinned by The Early Years Framework for Australia, we embrace children’s inherent abilities to learn and develop, creating an environment for them to find solutions through exploration, discovery and invention, marvelling in everything around them.

Our Values

We passionately believe our expertise and extensive abilities create the best possible environments for our families’ children, delighting each of our communities and clearly demonstrating what can be done to make a difference with skill, commitment and courage.

We create a caring, stable and protective environment for our educators, families and communities to support ongoing development – be it professional, familial or early childhood, providing expertise, encouragement and the right resources to enable each individual to be the best they can be.

We collaborate with families to provide all children with the right foundations from which to grow. We also ensure our staff have the right support and development programs to grow and continuously learn, leveraging their abilities and developing relationships with our families and wider communities.

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