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A Day In The Life.

Your child at Sparrow.

Sparrow is on a mission to give children the care and creative freedom to explore and understand their world and to begin a lifetime love of learning. Through our contemporary and age-appropriate early learning services, we support children to become highly accomplished individuals, actively collaborating with our families and communities throughout these journeys.

Infant Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre

Infant Rooms

We believe sensory play is key to healthy development during infancy, which is why we design our Infant Rooms to encourage the stimulation of your child’s 5 senses. We also believe strongly in freedom of movement and following your child’s cues – meaning we don’t rely on restrictive furniture like high-chairs or bouncers. Instead, we focus on building strong relationships between your child and their educator to ensure they are comfortable and cared for at every stage of the day.

Toddler Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre

Toddler Rooms

Our Toddler Rooms are purposefully designed to meet the needs of children between 15 months and 2.5 years old. At this age, we focus on strengthening the genuine and meaningful relationships we have developed with them to ensure they feel happy and supported throughout their early learning experiences. We also encourage more outdoor play and freedom of choice for children of this age while maintaining basic routines to help them prepare for the next stage of learning.

3-5 year old Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre

3-5 Year Old Rooms

Our 3-5-year-olds take a slightly more structured approach to their early learning experiences, allowing them to feel ready for the transition into a primary school environment. During this stage, we introduce elements of community education and begin teaching them about risk to ensure they are able to negotiate it in a safe way. Towards the end of their time at Sparrow, we’ll also give them the opportunity to explore the local “big school” so they feel familiar with it when the time comes.

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