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A Day In The Life.

Your child at Sparrow.

Our Commitment to Children 

At Sparrow Early Learning, we appreciate and understand that every child is unique. It is our commitment to children to prepare them for life.  

The characteristics we hope to inspire in children are ones that not only equip them for success now but also prepare them to become competent, kind and resilient in all areas of their lives.  

Infant Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre


Our Infant studios are designed to be a home away from home. Our passionate Educators focus on creating meaningful relationships based on trust, care, and respect for your child. In our infant studios, we value these precious years; following your child’s cues, our team create a supportive and thoughtful play-based program where each child feels secure, autonomous, competent, and cared for.  

Toddler Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre


Our Toddler studios are purposefully designed to meet the needs of children between 14 months and 3 years old. At this age, we focus on strengthening the genuine and meaningful relationships we have developed with them to ensure they feel happy and supported throughout their early learning experiences. We also encourage more outdoor play and freedom of choice for children of this age while maintaining meaningful rituals and routines to help them prepare for the next stage of learning.

3-5 year old Rooms - Sparrow Early Learning Centre


In all of our Kindergarten studios, a thoughtfully planned program is developed by the Early Childhood Teacher and Educators that engages and builds upon the children’s current knowledge, needs and interests.  

The team consider children’s experiences and backgrounds to ensure the program is targeted to meet the individual needs and interests of the children in the group. 

The program emphasises the importance of play-based learning. Evidence-based research shows that play-based learning enhances children’s academic and developmental learning outcomes. It can also set your child up for success by developing relevant skills through play.  

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