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Sparrow Leadership.

A dedicated and committed team working together for your child’s ongoing development

We all know, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and just like in all villages, our Sparrow community has leaders to inspire, nurture and grow these young minds. Sometimes these Leaders are not always visible to us, but they’re invaluable to our children’s development.

We have a number of Leadership positions which you can read more on below.

Service Manager

Sparrow Early Learning Services are lead, by our Service Managers. Each Service Manager forms meaningful connections with the children, families and educators to support and build a community within the service. The Service Manager is responsible to ensure the service meets all child care regulations/ laws and the National Quality Standards to enable all children to feel valued, safe, nurtured. Also to support each child’s learning through a play-based program and learning environments that allow children to explore and grow through the Sparrow Way of Learning.

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Sparrow Service Managers are passionate Early Childhood Professionals who strive to achieve the Sparrow Philosophy and Vision and Values. The Service Manager works in partnership with families and the Studio Educators to ensure they are involved with every part of the children’s learning journey at Sparrow. The child is always at the heart of everything at Sparrow Early Learning and this is why the Service Manager works alongside other leaders  to ensure all elements of the children’s development, education, community/ cultural learning and wellbeing is supported and grown in a positive way.

Our Service Managers lead, to Inspire – Nurture – Grow children’s learning every day!


At Sparrow Early Learning each service has a Second in Charge (2IC) position, the Educator in this position is responsible for working cohesively with the Service Manager, Service Leaders and to support the Educators.

Sparrow’s 2ICs provide support and inclusion for all children. They act as a positive role model and strive to achieve the Service goals as well as embody The Sparrow Way, Sparrow Philosophy and Vision and Values. They communicate with the children in an open and honest way and inspire independent learners.

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2ICs provide opportunities for families to become involved and encourage participation in decision-making and experiences. They provide open and trusting communication with all families and ensure all operational elements are meeting Child Care Regulations/ Laws alongside the Service Manager.

Promoting the highest standards of care for the children in accordance with the National Quality Standard is paramount. Working with the Service Leaders and collaborating with all educators to ensure that the play-based programs and learning environments are continually improving and providing quality learning experiences for the all children.

Educational Leader

Sparrow Early Learning Services each have an Educational Leader who mentors and supports all the educators to implement quality play-based programs. The Educational Leaders are passionate and committed to optimising quality outcomes for all children. Through collaborating with educators, children, families, the leadership team and the community they are able to provide direction and guidance regarding program, practice and environments that align with the Sparrow Way.

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Educational Leaders ensure children’s learning and development at the service are guided by the learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework and/or the Framework for School Age Care (My time Our Place) or other approved learning frameworks (Victorian and QLD Kindergarten Frameworks). A willingness to listen as well as coach, mentor and reflect alongside their team to create a learning community to grow knowledge of theories, learning and development.

As part of the leadership team at each Sparrow Early learning Service the Educational Leaders embed the philosophy, Sparrow values and vision in daily practices. They also ensure the National Quality Standards are in action with a focus (Areas 1-3-5-6-7) on the educational programs, learning environments, interactions with children and their families alongside leadership. Our Educational Leaders ensure the highest level of care and education is provided for the children, throughout every element of the Service.

Health and Wellbeing Leader

The Health and Wellbeing Leader is an advocate for children’s health and wellbeing. They provide support and care to educators to ensure the children’s emotional, physical development and overall well-being is part of their everyday practices with children. The Health and Wellbeing Leader is a positive role model for children in relation to healthy movement, a positive attitude and a person who is approachable, genuine and caring.

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This role is responsible to provide support to all educators within the service in their general health and well-being. They are an enthusiastic Leader who advocates for health and wellbeing of all Educators at the Service. They have positive relationships with all educators and ensure communication around children’s wellbeing state is always monitored. This role also provides, assistance to the Service Manager in providing mentoring sessions, support time, planning special service events and putting a fun approach into teamwork.

Sustainability Leader

Each Sparrow Service has a dedicated Sustainability Leader who is responsible for taking a leading role in reviewing and implementing environmental and sustainability practices throughout the Service.

In this role, the Sustainability Leader develops and implements programs that encourage environmental and sustainable practice. They monitor and report methods and strategies to reduce water, waste and energy at the service.

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The Sustainability Leader provides education to children, staff and families in order to create positive changes within the service and local community. They focus on creating and implementing projects building on children’s knowledge about how to improve the environment.

Each Sustainability Leader has a focus to:

  • Replace plastic equipment with resources made of natural materials
  • Source resources from second-hand stores
  • Implement the reduce, re-use and recycle program
  • Establish and maintain edible gardens

Cultural Leader

Each Sparrow Early Learning centre has a Cultural Leader, this position is in place to support and guide the cultural learning journey of the service. This Leader’s positions main focus is to connect with all families, children, Educators and local community members to create a clear understanding of the cultures from the community and weave them into the educational learning for all children. Alongside this, they support the ongoing learning and acknowledgment of the first national people.

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The Cultural Leader works alongside the Leadership team to embed meaningful and authentic cultural awareness for all involved at the Service and community. To support this, the Cultural Leader’s goals link to the National Quality Standard Area 6 Partnerships with Families and Community, the Sparrow Philosophy and Sparrow Values and Vision.

Inclusion practices and being present with the children and families to form strong connections, is how each Cultural Leader gains valuable information that can then be shared and support all children’s learning journey through honouring their own traditions, backgrounds, cultural beliefs while growing knowledge and an openness to all other cultures.


As the Service Cook, this leadership position is responsible for the overall nutrition and to provide healthy, balanced, varied meals for the children attending the Service. This also includes preparing meals to meet necessary dietary requirements.

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The Cook promotes a positive and responsive environment for the children, their families and the Sparrow team. They provide information on healthy eating and lifestyles to the families. They create and display the weekly culinary menu for families to discuss and engage with their children.

The Cook is also responsible for assisting the Educational Leader with the planning and execution of all cooking experiences with the children.

Learn about the Sparrow Way

The Sparrow Way is our philosophy towards education, environment and development.