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Privacy Policy


To preserve private and confidential files of the children, families, staff and visitors using the service. We aim to protect the privacy and confidentiality by ensuring continuous improvement on our current systems use, storage and disposal of records, ensuring that all records and information about individual children, families, educators and management are preserved in a secure place and are only retrieved by or released to people who need the information to fulfil their responsibilities at the service or have a legal obligation to distinguish.

The Privacy Act 1998 and National Privacy Principles and relevant registered Australian Privacy Principles govern the way we must manage your personal information. This policy demonstrates how we collect, use and disclose the personal information we collect during your interaction with Sparrow Early Learning services.


This policy applies to children, families, staff, management and visitors of the service


The right to confidentiality and privacy of the child and the family is outlined in Early Childhood Code of Ethics and National Education and Care Regulations. We will respect the privacy of children and their parents and educators, while ensuring that they access high quality early years care and education in our service.

To run our services, we need to collect information in order to meet all legislative requirements. We generally collect this information upon enrolment through our standard forms and over our website.

The kinds of personal information we may collect and hold in regards to children, may include your:

  • Parent contact details
  • Emergency contact details and persons authorised to collect individual children
  • Date of birth
  • Bank account details, credit card number, tax file number
  • Centrelink Customer Reference Number, date of birth (for CRN holder)
  • Custody arrangements
  • Immunization status of children
  • Dietary requirements
  • Languages spoken
  • Doctor’s details
  • Medical conditions
  • Authorisations
  • Observations of children’s participation in the program including samples of children’s work
  • External agency information
  • Medication reports
  • Incident reports
  • Permission Forms

The kinds of personal information we may collect and hold in regards to staff, may include your:

  • Personal details
  • Tax information
  • Working contract
  • Emergency contact details
  • Medical details
  • Immunisation details
  • Working with Children Check
  • Qualifications
  • Medical History
  • Resume
  • Superannuation details
  • Child Protection qualifications
  • First Aid, Asthma and Anaphylaxis Certifictaes

Sparrow Early Learning takes seriously its obligations when dealing with your personal information.
We will collect, hold, and use that personal information for purposes associated with:

  • Providing early childhood education and care services
  • Advocating for the well-being, protection and development of children
  • Documenting children’s learning
  • Managing children’s current or prospective enrolment
  • Providing you with information about our services and activities via letters, email, SMS and other communication channels
  • Requesting information from you about our services via surveys


  • Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (2014)
  • Guide to the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations
  • ECA Code of Ethics
  • Guide to the National Quality Standard
  • Revised National Quality Standards
  • Australian Privacy Principles
  • Privacy Victoria
  • United Nations Convention of the Rights of a child
  • Privacy Act 1988
  • Australian Childcare Alliance – Changes to the Australia’s Privacy Law
  • Office of the Australian Information Commission – Australian Privacy Principles


Types of data collected
The data we collect: IP addresses, cookie identifiers, website activity

How the data is collected
We use tracking technologies such as third-party cookies and non-cookies technologies.

Use of data
We collect data to provide better products and/or services to our clients and to have a better understanding of their needs and activity. We share this data with Google, Facebook and Nextroll to serve relevant and targeted advertising and for measurement and analytics purposes.

How to control data collection
You can opt-out by visiting the Digital Advertising Alliance, the Network Advertising Initiative, and the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (Europe only)