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The Childcare Subsidy (CCS) is changing and childcare is becoming more affordable for Australian families.

As of Monday 10th July 2023, eligible families will receive an increase in the amount of Child Care Subsidy (CCS) that they receive from the Government. 

Here are some important facts to get you and your families prepared for the change. 

  • The Maximum amount of CCS is increasing from 85% to 90% for families earning up to $80,000. 
  • If your family earns over $80,000 your CCS percentage will decrease by 1% for each additional $5,000 of income. You will either get more subsidy or have no change to your entitlement. 
  • The income limit for CCS is increasing to $530,000. 
  • If you have 2 or more children, the maximum CCS rate for additional children is unchanged at 95%. 

 Needing to update your family income estimate?  

 It is extremely important to keep this up to date as the amount of CCS you get is calculated using your family income estimate. You can change this through Centrelink or the Express Plus mobile app.  

 What do I need to do?  

No need to worry; changes will be made automatically from Monday 10th July 2023. 

If you want to make a claim, you can do so using your Centrelink online account through MyGov or the Express Plus Centrelink mobile app.

If your family income is over $356,756 and you claim before Monday 10th July 2023 you may be assessed at 0%. We suggest you wait till after Monday 10th July to do this when the limit increases. 

If you require any further information, you can see the Government fact sheet here: Changes to Child Care Subsidy Fact Sheet