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About Sparrow Early Learning Centre Camillo

Childhood is a time like no other; it’s when children learn through exploration, experimentation, challenges and opportunity – and this is something that we at Sparrow Early Learning Camillo strive to give your child the opportunity to experience. Read more.

We, as Early Childcare Educators, are there to give each child an opportunity to learn through their environment and play. We encourage children to express their emotions, thoughts and ideas and allow children to be themselves in a comfortable and secure setting.

We have a large soccer pitch that we use for ball games and exercise.

At Sparrow Early Learning Camillo, your child can attend our Service all through their Primary years as we are able to provide quality education and care for children up to 7 years of age.

We are a multicultural centre with children and Educators from various different backgrounds. With a low staff turnover, our Educators are able to form strong and meaningful bonds not only with your child but with your family as well.

Service details

84 Westfield Road,
Camillo, WA 6111
Ph. 08 9390 9922
Monday to Friday
6.30am to 6pm

What makes our childcare service in Camillo unique?

  • Nutritionally balanced meals provided
  • Incursions & local community excursions
  • Sunscreen provided
  • Fully accredited, Government-funded Kindergarten Program
  • Highly qualified & experienced educators
  • Daily photos & updates on your child’s activities
  • Indigenous Program
  • We are also a drop off point for Food Bank in that our families can partake for free in that they are offered food and personal items for free so there is no food waste from supermarkets
Baby walking room
up to 2 years
Baby non-walking room
up to 2 years
2 - 3 years old
3 - 4 years old
4 - 7 years old


Service Manager at Sparrow Early Learning Camillo

“I love working with children. I have 3 children of my own and have worked with children aged 0-12 for over 16 years. Working with children reminds me of how amazing and exciting the world can be. .” Read more.

Helping and watching them grow, reach different developmental milestones and learn through play based experiences is what I love. I want to inspire children to grow into strong, independent individuals providing the support and reassurance they might need to succeed in everyday life.”

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Child Development - Sparrow Early Learning Centre

The Sparrow Way.

The Sparrow Way combines proven international early learning methods to create a unique practice designed for today’s society. Guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia and underpinned by The Early Years Framework for Australia, we embrace children’s inherent abilities to learn and develop, creating an environment for them to find solutions through exploration, discovery and invention.

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Enrolment process

Our childcare centre in Camillo promotes an open-door policy where families can visit and walk through the centre at any time during operational hours.

Once families have completed a tour, they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

Once enrolled, the orientation process begins. The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family’s needs.

Accessing the Childcare Subsidy

We understand that access to the Government Childcare Subsidy is an important consideration when choosing a childcare centre. Learn more about eligibility, how to access the subsidy and how Sparrow works with your family to ensure a smooth transition into early learning childcare.

Happy families at Sparrow Early Learning Camillo

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