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Inside Outside Upside Down. Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference WA 2023

Our WA team had the privilege of attending the Early Childhood Learning and Development Conference. The ECLD Conference is Western Australia’s largest and most anticipated professional development event for all those that work with children, across a range of professions. The Conference is the largest gathering of thought leaders, directors, researchers, educators and other critically important practitioners and contributors in early childhood learning and development.

We would like to share some of our team’s learnings and experiences from this two-day event:

“I really enjoyed the Anthony Seamann sessions. He is really raw and authentic, supporting that it’s okay that we are ‘under construction’.” – Ashley, Business Operations Manager.

“My biggest learning was how we look at early years and how we can really start to see the world through the children’s eyes. Not necessarily telling children right from wrong when curious in learning experiences, but allowing the children to hypothesise and come up with an answer collectively or with educator assistance to find out why that would or wouldn’t work.” – Camillo.

“The one thing I will take back with me to my service is taking a step back when approaching different situations as a manager working together. I think the whole weekend was great and I took a little bit away from each part.” – Seville Grove.

“What can I bring back to my team? Invigorate, don’t intimidate and don’t be afraid to challenge and re-imagine routines and rituals.” – Judy, Business Operations Manager.

“My biggest takeaway was going together as a united Sparrow group, allowing for networking and brainstorming and open discussion after the workshops. I enjoyed learning from both LDCs and family daycare services” – Ellenbrook.


“What I enjoyed most about the conference was Anthony Semann, he was out of this world, I was so inspired by him and his stories made me tear up. I connected with him on a different level, everything he was saying was amazing and gave me so much to work on, I came back to the service and implemented so much from what was said.” – Thornlie.

“The most enjoyable part of the conference was being able to connect with other service managers and attendees, to see how the practices within our service align with others.” – Ellenbrook.

“I really enjoyed – Cultivating contagious climates of curiosity and creativity by David Gilkes – “The potential of children is stunted if the endpoint of their learning is formulated in advance”, I was thrilled to share and reflect on this line with my team, where we can see the benefit of letting the children be themselves, looking and seeing their ideas flourishing, where we can step back, listen to the children’s voices and not being the one making decisions or planning for them but with them.” – Bentley  

“I was inspired by Caroline Fewster, she had some great hacks that could be implemented into the Nursery and toddlers studio. I have shared many of the ideas with the team. Such as having stories instead of a family tree – to give a voice and to honour culture with family stories.” – Swanbourne.

“It was great to hear experiences and the growth from all different perspectives from people with 10+ years in the industry. The workshops developed my knowledge on new ideas and strategies to have the children and families involved, as well as reflecting on myself as a Leader and the meaning of leadership.” – Canning Vale


The Sparrow Early Learning team in WA thoroughly enjoyed spending time with each other, learning and being inspired. They have come back with so many new ideas and strategies they can put into place with both their team and with the children and their families. By all accounts a wonderful two days!