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Sparrow Vision and Values

Here at Sparrow Early Learning, we approach our day by following our Vision and Values. There are five important partners in the journey of learning, Educators, children, families, environment and the community 

At the core of our values is the Sparrow Way which is Inspire – Nurture – Grow. These core values are demonstrated in what we do each day and are the heart of our vision and values.

  1. Safe, secure, and trusting relationships – We believe in forming safe, secure, and trusting relationships. Research shows that safe, secure, and trusting relationships are a significant determinate for quality outcomes throughout life.  
  2. Child-led, play based approach to teaching and learning – A child-led play-based learning has been proven to be the optimal approach to teaching and learning during a child’s formative years.  
  3. Importance of quality infants and toddler practices – Traditionally, early childhood education has focused on the “Preschool “aged children predominantly. Now we know that quality infants and toddler practices have a significant impact on all future learning.  
  4. Role of the teacher and educator is to facilitate and inspire learning – Educators have an amazing and important role in the learning and development of children in our services. They are collaborators, facilitators, and partners in children’s learning. 
  5. Importance of building strong relationships with parents and families – For children to thrive and flourish, strong, trusting relationships with parents and families is imperative. Parents, families and their children feeling a sense of belonging with us at Sparrow is vitally important.  
  6. Importance of children learning about talking care of our natural world – The need to become more environmentally aware and responsive has become crucially important. Children being global citizens should have opportunity to learn about their role in taking care of our natural world and gaining an understanding on the impact we have on the sustainability of our environment. 
  7. Creating genuine, meaningful and lasting relationships with our communities – A child’s world view extends past the walls of our early learning services. Because of this, we endeavour to create links with our local community so that we can accommodate the individual needs and aspirations of our children and their families.  
  8. Cultural responsiveness and competence leads to a better understanding of inclusion – Being able to appreciate, acknowledge and respond to the individual histories, heritages and perspectives of the children attending our service and their families – we are better able to create an environment and adopt practices that are inclusive and diverse.  

We believe in each child’s inherent abilities. It is our role to encourage every child to thrive. If you would like to find a Sparrow Early Learning centre near you,  CLICK HERE