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What is the Sparrow Way and how do we follow it in our services?

The Sparrow Way is a play-based learning framework that is taught in safe and caring environments where children’s natural abilities and creativity are nurtured. 

Children are filled with joy and pride, especially in their achievements. The Sparrow Way creates an environment where children can thrive in a contemporary curriculum in a safe and caring environment. As much as we believe that learning begins in the child’s home, we create Sparrow Early Learning Services to be a home away from home. 

There are five critical partners in the learning journey. 

– Educators 

– Children 

– Environment 

– Families 

– Community 

These learning partners play a key role in every individual learning journey, no matter the age. Our play-based learning is a fantastic way for children to develop abilities to learn and grow. At Sparrow, we prepare our children for life rather than school. 

We value our relationships with our children at Sparrow by using a relationship-based lens in everything we do. Young children including infants, learn and comprehend better in the context of relationships with educators that invest quality time with each child. 

Our educators spend time with our children at eye level, face to face using positive language and caring and responsive verbal and non-verbal interactions. 

As your child’s Educators, it’s our role to work with your family in the development of your children. While learning begins at home, every aspect of a child’s extended environment enriches their being. None more so than at their Sparrow Early Learning Centre, their home away from home.

Sparrow Early Learning would love to meet you and your family. We offer tours of all of our Services, find your nearest Service here to book a tour or call us 1300 441 441.