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Sparrow Early Learning
Childcare Centres Bray Park.

About Sparrow Early Learning Centre in Bray Park

Sparrow Early Learning Bray Park has been operating in the area for six years. We believe in families first and strive to build a strong relationship with our families and the community. Read more.

We have long term employed Educators who are passionate about their job and educating children. Our Educators are qualified and professional in making sure the highest quality care is offered to your child.

We run an external physical fitness program called Billy Buddies, provided by a qualified fitness instructor – there is a small weekly cost to families.

Service details

6/245 Francis Rd,
Bray Park QLD 4500
Ph. 07 3882 6425
Monday to Friday
6.30am to 6.30pm

What makes our childcare service in Bray Park unique?

  • Full Service – nappies, wipes & sunscreen provided
  • Nutritionally balanced meals provided
  • Flexible child led educational programs
  • Great outdoor spaces with ample shade
  • Kindy program led by degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher using the QLD Government Kindergarten Guideline
  • Meeting National Quality Standards
  • Regular StoryPark updates of children’s learning
Studio 1
6 weeks to 15 months
Studio 2
15 months - 2 yrs
Studio 3
15 months - 3 years
Studio 4
2 years - 4 years
Studio 5
3 years to 5 years


Service Manager at our Childcare Centre, Bray Park

“My philosophy is to ensure that every child gets the most in their young education and is provided a safe environment for them to play and learn. My aim is to provide a foundation of learning built from their interests and share their enthusiasm on their journey; together, we make the difference.” Read more.

I believe that learning in early childhood involves not only every sense of the child but also all domains in which we learn and function and all aspects that surround him or her.

I believe that everyone a child comes into contact with is a potential teacher, whether they realise it or not. This is a very important piece for families as they are their child’s first teacher and we need to recognise and respect that..

What I aspire to do is not only helping children learn fundamental skills but to get them excited to explore new things and learning through interactive activities. This is what I aim for with every child that I interact with no matter their background, abilities, culture or economic status. All children have ways to be a part of activities, events and life. It is our job to help them find their particular role by giving them the opportunities to fit their individual abilities.

I look forward to welcoming you and your family into the Sparrow Early Learning community.

My qualifications & experience:

  • Diploma of Children’s Services

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Child Development - Sparrow Early Learning Centre

The Sparrow Way.

The Sparrow Way combines proven international early learning methods to create a unique practice designed for today’s society. Guided by the principles of Reggio Emilia and underpinned by The Early Years Framework for Australia, we embrace children’s inherent abilities to learn and develop, creating an environment for them to find solutions through exploration, discovery and invention.

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Enrolment process

Our childcare centre in Bray Park promotes an open-door policy where families can visit and walk through the centre at any time during operational hours.

Once families have completed a tour, they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

Once enrolled, the orientation process begins. The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family’s needs.

Accessing the Childcare Subsidy

We understand that access to the Government Childcare Subsidy is an important consideration when choosing a childcare centre. Learn more about eligibility, how to access the subsidy and how Sparrow works with your family to ensure a smooth transition into early learning childcare.

Happy families at Sparrow Early Learning Centre Bray Park

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